Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lonely Weekend






My honey left today to Austin for ACL (Austin City Limits) where tons of bands perform for three days. I miss him already. So this weekend will be just Asa and me. What are we going to do? Well we're going to spend the weekend with my sister in law, nephews and my mommy. So I won't be doing much post since I will be hanging out with the family. I also have a yard sale to do on Saturday. I plan to sell all of my old clothes. Oh yeah and my top I got it at Goodwill for $1.99. I have always told myself that I would never shop at places like these but when I read my fellow bloggers blogs and their great finds at places like these makes me want to search for pieces that I know have potential and will last for a long time. So, don't ever judge a store by what people donate because one persons junk is another persons treasure. I hope I said that right. Have a great weekend everyone.


Top- Goodwill
Shorts- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Forever21

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Lady Lipstick said...

HEy girly! I LOVE that top! yay for thrift store shopping!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your fam!


Sanny said...

I know, right! I used to think how I'd never wear a second hand stuff but once I went thrifting, I kept on coming back, such everlasting pieces! You said it just right! Anyway, the short is super FAB!

Have an awesome one, darl (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

pancakeSTACKER said...

Wow, you got your top for such a steal! It's a great one too! I'm always looking for great finds. I have to admit, I've never stopped in the Goodwill, but I've always been tempted. Looks like I'll have to make my way there soon!

cześć jestem jus said...

here is nice:)

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Have fun with your yard sale. if you have a Plato's closet they have nice clothes too.

simplyhope said...

So Classy and Chic! Gosh I NEED to go to a goodwill soon!

Isabella said...

I love your blog. So glad I just discovered it. I am now a follower! I can't wait to see more posts in the future. I must say I adore your top in this post great find!

QueenDesi said...

i love this style so much. love the vintage impression..especially ur cute short!!


in Love&Light
Queen D

fashionstoned said...

Great outfit! totally in love with the blouse

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh love that top! Such a great deal :D :D

ARA said...

love the blouse. A great find indeed.xx

Andee Layne said...

lovely combination! and i am totally addicted to vintage and thrift shopping now! i get so excited to find some treasures for so cheap!!! xo i would have never thought your top was from one!

Lady Lipstick said...

I know I wore them! Werent you so proud of me!??
HAHA--I wish you could have gone too!!
I think San Antonio is having a fashion week this year too, but I am a little fuzzy on the details!