Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby I'm all yours






My goodness, it was extremely windy yesterday. I couldn't believe that I was able to take some great photos do to the wind. This was my outfit from yesterday. I just love this dress the minute I saw it online from Forever21 I was glad that they had it at the store. Normally when I find stuff online I'm not lucky enough to find it there. But luck was at my side. The only flaw to this dress was that it itch...yuck I hate when clothes itch so very uncomfortable. The shoes and bag I paired with the dress I purchased with store credit at Buffalo Exchange. I was a little disappointed at the fact that they only took four items from. Blah!!! Oh well at least I found those two things. In the process of taking my pictures I lost a one of my earrings. I was so sad because they were my favorite pair. This weekend I will be going through so many shirts, skirts, dresses, bottoms and jewelry to sale next Saturday. What are your plans for this weekend?

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Dress- Forever21
Shoes/Bag- Buffalo Exchange


rainbows & fairydust said...

LOOVE ur dress and ur bag xoxo

FoxyCurly said...

you are SO amazingly gorgeous and stylish! so glad i came upon your blog today!
I was/still am a long time lurker of chictopia! promised myself i'd commit to pictures when i got my nikon. haha. ;)

simplyhope said...

Love the fringe bag!!! Such a Great look right here and I know it was SUPER windy! said...

Such an amazing dress..u look lovely and i love ur hair..

QueenDesi said...

what a greta strippes dress!!
i love it so much, look so cute in you :)


in Love&Light
Queen D

jessica wu said...

gorgeous dress with the mix of stripes..LOVE your bag as's beautiful

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-Sanny said...

Totally ADORE your outfit, the earrings are so PRETTY!

Have a good one, darl (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

Dodo said...

Really cute dress!

simplyhope said...

Hey! So, I am answering your question you posted on my blog! I live in Keller:)

Nura said...

I'm in love with your shoes!
nice blog too! You've got a new follower


T Violet said...

Love the dress and bag! Thanks for sharing.

T Violet

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you