Monday, September 13, 2010

Crown Royal





This was my outfit for Friday. Sorry for the late post. It has been a busy weekend for me. I have been going through tons of clothes to sell at my yard sale this coming Saturday. After going through everything I just couldn't believe how much stuff I had. Has anyone watched the VMA's a plus about MTV is that they will play it throughout the week. I am actually watching glimpse of it right now. I'm ready for fall, anyone else? Well I better make this short. Have a great week.

Please excuse the photos I had to take them at night. The shoes that I posted are my new additions to my fall looks. I can't wait to style them.


Crown top/faux leather shorts/black wedges- Forever21


Lady Lipstick said...

Hey girl! I love the leather shorts and I am so excited to meet a fellow Texas blogger! YAY!
So you are in the Midland area?

ARA said...

the boots look amazing. I wish there was a Forever 21 here also :(.xx


Thank you so much, and I LOVE your leather shorts they're so cool!=D

-Sanny said...

Fall has already stepping in here ): I miss summer already.
Love your new shoes (:

Have a good one, darl.

Sanny's Head to Heart

T Violet said...

Cute boots. Love the photos, you're such a beautiful young lady. :)

T Violet