Monday, May 3, 2010

Date night



Saturday, Justin and I went on a date. It's been awhile since we actually have done anything together. We have both been busy with school, work and taking care of our one year old daughter. There is only one picture for this blog and I felt that this photo won it out of all the rest. Midland doesn't have any fancy restaurant where I can include pictures of my meal so we had dinner at Olive Garden. I had the Caprese Flatbread has my meal with salad and to drink creme Italian cherry soda. We were suppose to make it to the drive-in before sunset but didn't quite make it so we just stopped by Blockbuster and rented three movies. Well until my next post. Tootles.

Forever21 tweed jacket
Forever21 Natical striped shirt
Target shorts, stockings and hat
Shoedazzle leopard pumps
Dustie over the shoulder purse


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