Saturday, March 6, 2010

Date night with the boyfriend is always good for the relationship a chance for us to spend time away from all things responsible. I had him be the photographer for the night he may not be a proo at it but got pretty decent shots. I hated the fact that the wind was blowing 50 miles per hour that is why you can see my hair all over the place. I need to learn the basics of capturing great photos maybe a book called "photo taking for blogs for dummies," I see so many other fashion bloggers who manages to capture the most amazing photos out there. Well hopefully from doing this everyday I will get the hang of it.

So, the movie that my boyfriend and I saw was Alice in Wonderland, amazing movie, Tim Burton never seems to fail us all when it comes to movies. I also love Johnny Deeps part leave it to him to play a charater that is already mad that suits him. I got many compliments for my outfit you rarely see anyone dressed like I do. I'm glad it's that way. I have my own unique style with an added twist to it.

If you haven't noticed the necklace that I was inspired by Rumi's ( take on her DIY invention. Such a clever idea although I didn't do it exactly like how see did hers. It looked amazing on her since she has a smaller bust then I do and the necklace sets so much better.

Well I wanted to share my date night.

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