Tuesday, March 2, 2010

(Pictures courtesy of Style.com & Google Search)
I just love Olivia's sense of style ever since I saw her on theCity. I was really never found of the show but her style drew me to her. I just love how she puts her outfits together and would love to be in her closet.


Sissy said...

Also love Olivia!!! a great blog darling, I'm def your follower. have a super nice weekend!!!!!

Elegance Personified said...

Hi Jackie how are you? I am pretty new to these fashionable online blogging and only have a few posts so far but please check out my blogs, photos and my style whenever you can.

I just happened to find you today and I am happy for that because so far I am enjoying your style and what we share in common. I am starting to read your blogs from the very first one, this way I get to know you. And by the way I love Olivia Palermo too and adore her style. She is one of my most favorite Style Icons of the moment.

OK Girl, I am going to conitnue reading you and as of now I am your newest follower Jackie. Please do the same.

Best Regards to you, your baby girl and your BF. XOXO Ada.