Monday, August 16, 2010

Feeling much better




It has been four days in counting since I last made an outfit post. My sickness didn't allow me to have the energy to do anything. This was my outfit for Friday my honey took me out to dinner. So we basically had date night. We ended the night at the park laying on the hood of my car just star gazing. I took these photos before we left for dinner and I was not to happy with the lipstick I picked out never again will I wear it. I found this dress at Target I just love how it looks on me and the color and print is so lovely. I love Target, don't you? I am also excited I hope it comes in soon. I ordered a few things from Forever21 my favorite store. It should be in two to five days lets hope for three days. Thank you to all who wished I got well. It's sad because my honey has also came down with the same thing chills, fever, runny nose the whole nine yards. I am also excited about my first giveaway I just have to wait for the products to arrive and I hope to have a giveaway every two weeks on a Monday. Well I better go I need to workout and read some more of my book. Which I forgot to mention that I the book I had been reading wasn't the first book so I had to buy the first official book. But the shows are now over will air in January. Well until tomorrow, dolls. Have a great night.


Dress- Target
Hat- Forever21
Clogs- Aldo 


Under the Fluorescents said...

i love those shoes! i hope you and you hunny had fun on your date! thanks for the comment, subscribe if you enjoyed!

simplyhope said...

Awwwee well I hope you both are feeling A LOT better! Your outfit is So Chic!

A Stylish Affair said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel better. You're looking lovely in the dress hun, love the lace detail.

ARA said...

Hi, I just tagged you with a blog award. You can come check it out here :
Alina Roxana:

Have fun!xx

rainbows & fairydust said...

you look AMAZING in these pics darling! SOOO STYLISH! xx

Closet Fashionista said...

Such a cute outfit!! I hope you feel better soon! :D
Yayy for getting the heels, I want them but have to resist, haha

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit. Love love love your dress. Great look.

ABIGAIL NY said...

great outfit post, love the dress and how you paired it with everything!!