Friday, August 13, 2010

Blogger Spotlight

The Styling Dutchman




I wanted to feature a blogger on my blog every Friday. That would mean meeting and searching for new bloggers for me to follow. When I find a blogger I generally go through every single one of their post from when they first started. I try to atleast follow everyone but sometimes it can be an overload. But there's Blogger and Google Connect to thank for that. Well today's feature is Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman. I just love how she style's her outfit. Everyday is always something different and amazing. I asked her where in the world she takes these amazing photos at and all of them are at her backyard. I wish I had a backyard like Annbeth. She is so pretty and so photogenic it's hard to miss a blog like her's. If you get a chance stop on by at The Styling Dutchman I'm sure you will be inspired.

PS. I'm a bit under the weather. So, if you don't see any of my outfit post that's the reason. I haven't been feeling good the past few days. But I will keep you girlies posted. I'd like to welcome all my new followers and thank you once again for the sweet and wonderful comments. I'll make the best of going and visiting your blogs.



Under the Fluorescents said...

wow i love her style! i was just interviewed, it was so much fun! maybe some day i will be featured on your's :)

A Stylish Affair said...

What a cute blogger, her outfits are so stylish and modern as well. And I hope you start to feel better hun, take care of yourself

Jackie said...

I hope to feature everyone and thank you, Stephanie.

jamie-lee said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I actually had several fave countries - the cities I liked most were Amsterdam, Paris, Belgrade and Lucerne. Germany was quite lovely too.

I love this idea of Blogger Fridays - it's great to be introduced to someones style you may not have come across before :)

Paulien said...

Happy to see Belgian bloggers featured! We all love Annabeth :-)

Lucy said...

Great inspiration!!

Luna said...

what a great idea! :) and love your blog.xoi am following you now, will you follow me back,pleasE?!

Fashion-rocks said...

great outfits, I love the way you pose.

Annebeth said...

oh thanks so much for featuring me! I'm all giddy now :D

DaisyLine said...

very interesting girl :) great looks :D
have a nice week!
DaisyLine from