Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The nerd in me

Wetseal leopard print cardigan-Papaya gray t-shirt-thrifted gray pants-Charlotte Russe heels

Yesterday was unbelievably the most horrid day ever well not to be literal. I was going mad trying to find my car keys so that the fam and I could do a little shopping. I tore that room apart it almost looked as if a tornado came through it. I'm talking clothes all over the place everything out of it's drawers the image was unbearable. After scrambling through the couch at last I found the spare. We headed to Albertson where we would purchase I dinner for the night. I made sweet sausage pesto pasta, which by the way was very tasty. I was reluctant enough to catch some zzz's unfortunately my eyes were glued to the television watching Law&Order. Which leaves me to posting today.

Love Fashion,

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Clare Astra said...

i LOVE this look it really suits you x
great blog by the way x follow x