Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moving Day

Hiya, Dolls!!! After much thought and a hectic schedule. This blog will be shutting down and moving to a whole new blog that will include my outfit post, fashion, store, food, family and everything else. I have met so many wonderful stylish bloggers here at Style Forecasts. I will greatly appreciate it if you all will follow me to my new blog once it's up and running. For the past months I have been picking at my own brain contemplating on whether or not if this move would work out for me. It has been tough and I have been so busy with everything that I just want to begin my blog and transform it to something I can look back at when those days when it's time to stop blogging it will give my daughter inspiration to capture her life and meet amazing people from around the globe. So fare well to Style Forecasts...and hello to Lilybird Vintage blog. I will post on here when the first initial move has begun.


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stilettodiaries said...

Hey Jackie, I've been wondering where you've been! I will definitely be following you to your new blog. If I am ever in Texas, (which is a possibility) I will for sure try to hit up your new store. So happy for you!