Thursday, January 20, 2011

Polaroid Lookbook: No. 6

Primark Spring/Summer 2011

Photos courtsey of Fashion-Style

I stumbled upon a website that featured Primarks Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2011 line. I was completely in love with the collection. I haven't made a lookbook post in awhile and thought why not. I love every pieces so 70's inspired trends but truely sad that US doesn't have it's very own Primark. Why do other countries have the best stores. What do you think of the collection.



Theresa said...

You almost made my year! I saw your title and thought, "No way! Primark came to the U.S.?!" Unfortunately, when it comes to cheap fashion, the good ole U.S. of A is just not up to par. I currently live in the UK, but I am moving back stateside in less than a year. The one thing I'll miss--PRIMARK.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

cute clothes.