Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bows and dots



Hi, guys!!! How has your week been? As for me I'm back to my daily workouts again and man am I tired and sore. I'm determine to lose at least 14 lbs so that I can be ready for my trip to the Phillippines next year. I'd like to look good in a swim suite. Well out of all the photos my boyfriend took these two stood out the most. I love the top I'm wearing. the sleeves has cutouts with bows in between super cute. Well I want to cut this short. I am so tired that I can just fall asleep while typing. Have a great weekend, everyone!!


Top/skirt- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Forever21


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Hope you get some sleep.

KD faustino said...

i love this outfit jackie!!!!! there's really something about bows and polka dots! x

Katy said...

Hi Jackie. You never fail to look gorgeous! Love this outfit:)

Giulia said...

Very cute outfit... I like it:) Follow my blog...
Thanks!!! xoxo