Thursday, December 9, 2010

It gets better





I'm actually getting better. The weather here are around 70 degrees. Really? It's December. I want snow for Christmas, please. At least I'm happy that my little one is getting better. I need to start Christmas shopping and I'm not one who shops late. I usually start in August but things came up. You've probably seen this look before I just added the blazer, tights and hot pink pumps. I'm so glad I don't have to be freezing when I'm taking my pictures and that it isn't cloudy outside. Which makes it even better. I wish I new where the remote to the tv was so I could change it to the foodnetwork. Exciting news to share with you guys I'm going back to the Philippines next year to visit my family with my mom. I am so excited. Have you guys seen the added bonus at the bottom of my post. Be sure to check out what I'm doing on twitter and my family blog. Well I'm off to put my daughter to sleep. Goodnight!!!


Top/shorts- MaxRave
Blazer- Forever21
Pumps- Charlotte Russe

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sherryl said...

pretty look. i love the floral shorts! they look so adorable with those hot pink pumps. they remind me of barbie. haha. i almost buy myself a pair like those at burlington's. i wish i did. ):

Mei said...

Seriously, those pumps are HOTT, I want!!
Have fun Christmas shopping :)

simplyhope said...

I love this look!!! My heart skipped a beat when I scrolled down and saw your shoes!!!! fabulous!!!
I know I wish it snowed here too:)

Amy Fashion Blog said...

your shoe are HOT

legsnshoes said...

Love the detail on the jacket.

Sanny said...

I still wish to trade weather with you one and other day lol it's been freezing in here, below 30 even on daylight!

I admire how you touch up your entire outfit with the sheer tights and pumps, so hot! (:

Sanny's Head to Heart