Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Style: No 1







Here it is what you all have been waiting for. I wanted to start creating post of my family's outfit. It will be posted every weekend since it is our family time and when we spend our time the most. Since during the week I work, daddy is at school and work and Asa is with her Aunt until I pick her up. We had our neighbor take our family pic but he took it half way so you can't see our entire outfit. Our weekend wasn't to exciting I cleaned while Asa played, went out to eat and rented movies. So, what am I doing now watching a movie while posting, Asa is taking nap and daddy is out playing football with the guys. Has anyone seen the movie The Reader? Well I still have a few things to do. See you guys later.

Please vote for my daughter for the Gerber Generation Contest:
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Daddy's wearing: Long sleeved shirt- Target & Jeans- Old Navy
Asa's wearing: Dress- Gymboree & Boots- Target


Leopard top- H&M
Long skirt- thrifted
Clogs- Aldo
Bag- Charlotte Russe


Sanny said...

What a lovely family pic (: It makes me smile!
The leopard top goes so well with your long skirt, I love how you mix them!

Ps. I have voted for Asa (I love the name!)

Have a wonderful one, darl (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

Marissa said...

Aww, what a cutie! I love seeing bloggers as moms. I didn't see The Reader, but it was a great book!

xo Marissa
(The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

simplyhope said...

Your daughter is SO CUTE!!!! Oh my gosh! Definitely will vote for her! Lovely post:) You look so FAB!

Paislea Elyse said...

awe! you look so cute! i love your shield ring! it's so amazing!

thanks for entering my blog giveaway!!

Katy said...

Hi Jackie!:) aww your baby is so cute!!! I bet she'll be as beautiful as you when she grow up:) n I love your top (I like prints)! and your skirt is long but sexy! It makes your legs oh so long and sexy! love your outfit!:)

rainbows & fairydust said...

awww ur little girl is such a cutie! and soo stylish in those pink boots!

Love ur outfit darling xoxo

Luna said...

you have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY ! <3
i nominated you for an award by the way, you can claim it on my blog :) xox~

jamie-lee said...

this is so sweet, you all look fantastic, and your daughter is such a cutie! xx

Andee Layne said...

what a beautiful family!! LALALOVE your velvet maxi and leopard top! xo

Lady Lipstick said...

OMG I LOVE this post! Seriously! And I almost bought that top at H&M! LOL
Yall are so cute!!


Ninjagaiden78 said...

Your little girl is so pretty and I like your outfit. Fashion Mom's rock!

KD faustino said...

Loving this outfit so much! Just pure perfection!! X