Thursday, August 19, 2010

Polaroid Lookbook: No. 2

Topshop A/W 2010 Collection




I'm a bit late on my posting. The worst possible thing happened to me well my money actually. I was charged six different times at different places on my debt card. So I have been non stop on the phone with my bank trying to settle things out. So, I was in the processing of ordering the stuff for my first ever giveaway but I can't now. I will just have to come up with something.

This collection from Topshop is amzing. I love every pieces of garment from the coats to the shoes. I just can't wait for winter this would have to be my favorite season of all. The capes and coats are so darling that by looking at it makes me feel warm and cozy. I wish that Texas had it's very own Topshop store so that I'm able to try these amazing pieces on. US residents are able to shop online. New York residents are able to shop at the store. I do plan in the future to order a couple of things to get ready for the fall, maybe a trench coat. What do you think of their collection?



Under the Fluorescents said...

i love the last set the best! Do you live in Texas? I am thinking about applying to University of Texas-Austin, do you mind telling me about the aesthetics of Austin if you know about it? thanks!

Missy said...

I love the last 2 pictures REALLY NICE. I LOVE FASHION!


Miss K said...

Love the collection!

now following you

ABIGAIL NY said...

love the shoot, a lot of designers are trying out shoots in those type abandoned brick wall type backgrounds!!

A Stylish Affair said...

I love the collection. I wish I had a local Topshop near me, I'm too nervous to buy anything online, especially since I've never tried any of their clothes before and would be nervous about the sizing. Ahh and that sucks I hope you're able to sort out your bank situation.