Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Play ball





This was yesterday's outfit. Justin decided taking me to the baseball stadium to take these photos. I have to admit he did a great job of picking and taking the photos. There are actually more amazing photos but I didn't want to put all of them on here so I just picked out the one's I liked. I have been so tired lately I guess to blame is my lack of sleep. I have been doing late workouts but on top of that my daughter has been sick. Allergies!!! For some reason I happen to catch it. I finally figured out what my first giveaway will be super excited I'm trying out it first before giving it out. Have to try out the product before giving it away. So I'm super excited. If you do contest or giveaways, how often do you do them? I'd like to thank everyone who has left sweet and thoughtful comments and for my new followers. I hope to continue to have you guys stop by and help inspire you guys. Well have to go now. I need to put my baby to sleep.


Blazer- H&M
Top/Shorts- Max Rave
High heels- Charlotte Russe
Hat- Target


ari said...

loving your chrochet top.. and that hat is amazing. I can't believe you got it at target! I have to make my way over there to see if I can find one, it's perfect for fall ;)

jamie-lee said...

cute outfit - i just love your heels! x

rainbows & fairydust said...

LOVE this look fab shorts and lovely blazer xx

The Perpetrator said...

i love love love your top! :)

Andee Layne said...

Fantastic hat! cant believe its from target! Great find xo

Kheira said...

Cute blazer ! xoxo:)