Friday, August 27, 2010






Today has been a good day so far. We were able to leave work early due to power outage. So my coworkers and myself left at 4 PM. I managed to pay bills then stopped at the mall to buy my nephew a present for his birthday tomorrow. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to do a blogger spotlight but will post it tomorrow instead. I found a couple of stuff at Charlotte Russe that I can't wait to wear. I used some of my birthday money which by the way my birthday is next Wednesday. My goodness I'm getting old I will be 26. The dress that I am wearing I purchased online at Forever21 it was one of the pieces that came in the mail with my shoes. I just love how this dress fits on me and the way it flows. The detailing on the belt and lower part of the dress it's perfect. It is very light weight. So if you happen to see this at there store do try it on you will love it. I'm so lucky that when I ordered this they still had it in my size which is a size medium. Oh and the bucket bag I just got it today at Old Navy for $20. I love it everything fits and it's not to heavy when I'm carrying it. Well I better go for now I hope everyone has a great weekend

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Dress/Wedge- Forever21
Bucket Shoulder Bag- Old Navy



rainbows & fairydust said...

great dress, love your bag dear xx

ARA said...

oh, your dress is beautiful. I`m trying to find a maxi dress for so long but I`m so short that none suits me :(.xx

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Zapping for Perfection said...

I'm in love with your bag *.*
Your hair looks amazing :)
M and S

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

i love your bag!!

jamie-lee said...

your maxi dress is awesome, I love the patterned accent around the bust and the hem, so sweet x

StyleFrost said...

Lovely dress, you look great! love the frill at the bottom! x

simplyhope said...

GORGEOUS outfit! I seriously want that dress:)