Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer has begun





It's official summer has graced us with it's presence. Although the temperature where I am at was 115 degrees yesterday, dreadful I know. The dress I am wearing is actually a skirt that I found at a consignment store for just $4 and I thought I'd turn it into a dress ad a spike gold belt. To keep the sun from beaming at my face I purchase this floppy hat for $1 at Target. The blue slingback shoes you all have seen once. It's a perfect outfit for a hot sunny day. I didn't do much other than out to dinner with my baby Asa and Justin. Asa and I had girls night out watching chick flicks. Well I was watching them while she played and fought her sleep. Tomorrow I will post my photos from today. I have such a busy schedule that it's somewhat hard to post on a daily basis but I am trying my best. Well girlies have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to put sunblock on.


Target Floppy black hat
Consignment store printed skirt
Steve Madden blue slingbacks


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libys11 said...

i think the colors in your dress are perfect for summer!!! topped with the hat, this outfit is a sure hit this season!! :D

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