Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last days






It has been such a busy two weeks for me with finals and everything else I have added to my project list. This Saturday I am officially finish with this semester and looking forward to the summer. The hat I am wearing I purchased at a garage sale for $4, such a great. I just love hats when your have a bad hair day a hat can cover that up. It was really nice outside except for the mosquitoes that were biting me like crazy. I am so ready for the summer and for June 23 to come around. Justin and I will be heading to Vegas for his birthday and vacation. I can't wait I will be shopping the minute I step foot off the plane. I already have places in mind to shop. For all my followers thank you so much for having the time to read my post. I promise my blog will be more of a suitable taste for you. I'd like to get more followers but it is such a hard thing to do. For now thank you and until next time...happy reading.


Forever21 blue shoulder sequined top
Forever21 blue polk-dotted shorts
Target black polk-dotted tights
Steven Madden blue slingbacks
Garage sale gray hat



libys11 said...

nice blog you have here!! great banner! :D

i love your outfit here!!! im so attracted to your blue shoes!!! love the dots and the hat too! :D so darling! :D

StyleFrost said...

Love this look, gorgeous colour shoes! Blog is great, I know it is hard! as I've only been blogging a since last month! give it time and you will get more followers! x

Sissy said...

Just a lovely outfit girl!!! love your polka dotted. Be patient and you'll get more followers darling : ) Have a really nice week

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

I love the shoes :D

Elegance Personified said...

My favorite outfit of you so far (I've started reading from the beggining.) I love everything you have on especially head & toe (hat - amazing and cheap find) and shoes (beautiful blue color and style.) Nice gold rings, too.