Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day at the park







This was yesterday's outfit. Justin and I went to a park that was at least 15 minutes away from our house. I decided on a different location to take these and we took so many good ones that choosing one was the hardest. So, these will have to do for now. I am currently working on my online shop something I've been wanting to do for awhile not any of my designs of course that will be later added in the future followed by a free-standing store. I'm super excited, the online store will feature top of the line clothing picked out by me. I am so a perfectionist and very detailed when it comes to clothes. I have to look at quality of material, how it looks, what season it falls under, and durability. I hope you guys look out for it hoping for a launch before 2011 and my t-shirt line in 2012. Thanks to my new followers for reading my blog. I will also be doing a give away which will be makeup. I know every girl loves makeup. I will keep you girls posted later. Until then bye for now.


Wet Seal cardigan
Charlotte Russe top&shorts
F21 Booties



libys11 said...

lovely outfit!! i adore the shorts and the ruffled top together!! :D

Jackie said...

Thank you so much.

laquana said...

I like the outfit and I love the make-up too. I like how u change the scenery in ur photos. KUDDOS!

Elegance Personified said...

Love this outfit too. You have made great use of these boots again. I absolutely love long cardigans, especially stripped ones, I have several. This outfit is totally my style for a fall day.

By the way you got a lot on your plate. Good luck with everythung, all your websites, stores, online store, T-Shirt line and everything, must be soooooo exciting, Keep me posted, Jackie. =)